Congratulations on being part of Monterey Bay’s dynamic and diverse entrepreneur community! 
We hope that you and your loved ones are staying healthy. 
Here you will find resources that will help you be successful in the Qualifying Round and what to expect next.
If you submitted your application, you are eligible to participate in the Qualifying Round.


  •  Attend pitch workshops
  • Watch resource videos
  • Practice your pitch
  • Record your 5-minute pitch video
  • Review your pitch video and get feedback
  • Submit your business pitch video
  • Look out for a “next steps” email from info@startupmontereybay.com

Upcoming live workshops

Workshop Date

Workshop Date

Workshop Date

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Starting right after the applications close, we will begin holding “Creating a Winning Pitch” workshops. Attend one (or more) of those. There are no slides for the Qualifying Round pitches; you can bring a prop (a poster or product sample) but it should be simple and quick to set up. You will have 5 minutes to describe the opportunity and the business you are designing to take advantage of the opportunity. At this stage, keep the financials very simple.

The pitches for the Startup Challenge are public and you should take reasonable precautions not to include proprietary information in your pitch. That said, the success of most ideas lies in the execution, not in the idea itself. Pitch your idea and how it will change the world; don’t give away the intellectual property that makes your idea work.

Yes! Qualifiers will receive workshop registration over email, recordings will also be provided.

5 minute pitch video submitted as an unlisted Youtube video URL.


Problem and Solution

What is the market opportunity? What is the customer problem the venture is addressing or unmet need that the venture satisfies?


Is the target market appropriate and large enough for the business to grow? Is the solution appropriate to the target market? (For non-profits: Is their funding target market appropriate and large enough for them to grow?)

Revenue and Fundraising Strategy

Do they have a clear and appropriate description of how the company will generate revenue? (For non-profits: How will they obtain funding?)

Go to Market Strategy

Do they have a well-defined strategy for taking their solution to market?


Does the venture have a unique and sustainable advantage over competitive solutions? Why will customers buy its product or service? (For non-profits add: will the company be able to compete for funding?)

Financials and Economics

Do the economics of the business work? Are growth projections reasonable and sufficient?


Does the founding team have the skills, commitment, and chemistry to start this business?

Pitch Structure

Does the presentation have a logical flow and contain the information that needs to be presented?

Pitch Structure

Does the presentation have a logical flow and contain the information that needs to be presented?

Ability to engage audience

Are they able to inspire others?

Pitch Clarity

Were the points made in the presentation clear?

Passion and Enthusiam

Did the presenter(s) convey their passion and enthusiasm for their company?