Startup Challenge 2021 Finalists

Venture Division


An informatics platform that helps to best determine what events are the biggest contributors to the farmer’s crop loss totals.
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Blacksite offers a wide variety of products and services for SMB’s to Enterprise.
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Campus Buddy

The user friendly turn by turn navigation system will help new and existing students find their destinations at ease.

Segura Enterprise

Our product and mission seeks to reduce the chance of first responders running into traffic, by creating a device that warns drivers and pedestrians of an oncoming emergency vehicle
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Shreddit LLC

Shreddit LLC is committed to leading the way for bringing environmentally conscious shift to the global skateboarding community and industry through a skateboarding mobile game integrated social media mobile app.

Stress Free

We automated over 50 manual tasks related to Real Estate transactions and offers transparency to buyers, sellers, agents.

Open to businesses intended to scale and provide venture investor-level returns.

My Local Thrive

My Local Thrive provides a platform which allows these producers to list their upcoming events and for members to follow them to be notified of their events.
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Trailblazer is producing an innovative platform to assist entrepreneurs with finding investors and presenting pitches

Urbanic Farm

Creating a local food network to allow people to buy/sell local food.
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We will be a creative space for both users and content creators that allows them to fully customize their entertainment experience.

Main Street Division


AADE is an online gaming platform that enables gamers from around the world to compete, earn rank, gain exposure and to be updated with all the latest gaming information.


Chimichurri pizza sauce just specially for pizza and another option besides the crushed pepper.
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Paradox Point

Paradox Point would be a food park, beer and wine garden, and community lot that would provide a location for food trucks and vendors to showcase their local businesses: all things Seaside.

Red Engine Rides

Red Engine Rides will put a smile on your face and provide that instagramable moment that you won’t forget!

Saucy Otter

Saucy Otter seeks to open a Microbrewery and venue in Pacific Grove.

Open to small businesses and sole proprietorships.

Social Monterey

Social Monterey helps small business owners save time, ditch the overwhelm and build thriving online communities with social media services.

Solar Optimization Labs

This mobile phone app will ensure photovoltaic array owners get the most out of their investment by letting them know when it is cost effective and coupling them with array cleaners.


Holistic Pest Management. An environmentally conscious alternative to traditional pest control.

Social Venture Division


To end social isolation and loneliness for adults and seniors by making local adult and senior events and activities easier to find for locals and visitors.

Plush World

We eliminate the 30 M Word Gap (The vast number of words that low income kids simply do not hear from 0 to 3 when compared to higher income kids, which is a strong indicator of future of literacy attainment) in Low Income Communities, and revolutionize Bilingual Learning.


Rework is an artisan cooperative for circular fashion. “Harvesting” parts from textile waste that no one else wants, while providing entrepreneurs with a communal workspace, sewing tools, joint marketing & online sales for their upcycled creations.

Open to for-profit and not-for-profit businesses with a significant social mission.


Seeds4STEM works to keep 3rd-8th graders engaged with real-world, hands-on STEM experiences, so they stay comfortable with math and other STEM material.

Student Division


Hempowered seeks to reduce waste, deforestation and erosion in the paper industry by producing naturally antibacterial hemp products.

Ironwood Makerspace

Ironwood Makerspace is a creator's space and workshop that provides studio space and equipment for hobbyists and crafters. Driven by experts in varying fields and skills, Ironwood provides a community-like atmosphere to create and design the projects of your dreams. The studio is equipped with a wide variety of tools, as well as, computers in order to bring designs to life.

Rainberry beauty

Rainberry Beauty’s lip scrubs use sugar as an exfoliant and the vitamin e oil and coconut oil moisturize the new skin cells, to help with future chapped lips, irritation, and hyperpigmentation.

The sweat Lodge

The Sweat Lodge is a family-owned and operated establishment focused on naturally healing military members and their families while giving back to the community through education, friendship, and kindness.

Open to all students in middle school through graduate school.