Startup Challenge 2024 Finalists

Venture Division

Open to businesses intended to scale and provide venture investor-level returns.

Life Stages

Life Stages provides an ecosystem of wellness products to promote mind-body health across the lifespan.


Bike Garage make bike customization easy with an intuitive, free, parts configuration app. It allows cyclists to seamlessly configure their ideal rides by selecting from a wide range of components and visualizing their creations in real-time.


Developing the next generation of eVTOL, selling IP, manufacturing crop sprayers, manned aircraft and selling the same

Pacific Paleontology, Inc.

we provide fossil mitigation services for your construction project in order to quickly and effectively meet county, state, or federal level requirements for ground disturbing activities

Main Street Division

Open to small businesses and sole proprietorships.


Becoming was started to help busy parents document their child's journey. Our app allows parents to easily create a baby book that covers the first few years of their child's life, no matter the current age of their child.

Fog's End Distillery

We are a craft distillery. We produce small batches of award-winning spirits.

H.E.R.O. Event Services

H.E.R.O. Event Services is a certified and accredited boutique agency that will help you save time and reduce stress by simplifying the planning and production processes for your next event on the Monterey Peninsula.

Rooted Wonder

Rooted Wonder play cafe will be a one-of-a-kind community space designed to foster creativity, imagination, and social interaction among children and families


Rooted Wonder play cafe will be a one-of-a-kind community space designed to foster creativity, imagination, and social interaction among children and families

The Sticky Kitchen

The Sticky Kitchen is a commissary kitchen, ghost kitchen, storefront, event space hybrid. Think shared office space but with kitchens!

The Travelers Learning Collective

We empowers families take off for extended trips abroad, and help turn the world into the classroom through our unique online program

The Yard

The Yard - an outdoor community gathering space that will be programmed to host mobile food vendors, events, and workshops.

Social Venture Division

Open to for-profit and not-for-profit businesses with a significant social mission.


Drivers' Repair Initiative for Vehicle Empowerment

A charitable organization dedicated to assisting individuals with automotive repair costs, collaborates with registered local auto repair shops to provide affordable or subsidized repair services to those in need.

Mother Tree

an affordable recovery program for mothers experiencing mental health challenges before or after pregnancy.

Motivando Corazones Consulting

Motivando Corazones Consulting provides services in three crucial areas, Parenting Support, Childhood Education Trainings, and Women Empowerment conferences.

STEAM and Robotics for All in the 831 by Varajic Consulting, LLC

Robotics and STEM/STEAM opportunities for students in our community after school, on weekends and summer camps.

Student Division

Open to all students in middle school through graduate school.

Velocity Auto Spa

Velocity Auto Spa offers a cutting-edge brushless automated car wash experience designed to meet the unique needs of vehicle owners


Tallyrus is a web application that leverages AI to evaluate essays, significantly reducing the time teachers spend on grading. It allows for quick feedback and student self-assessment.


Metamorphosis addresses the issue of exclusivity in the fashion industry by offering trendy and stylish clothing for all people of different races and ethnicities, body types, and ages. Inspired by early 2000s fashion, our brand celebrates inclusivity.

Love, Maddie

Love, Maddie is a home-based bakery specializing in Asian American desserts, particularly cakes, that combine traditional Asian flavors with modern aesthetics